To be an Apex Skip-It Legend means:

    • You’ve mastered a long, pre-set list of intermediate to advanced skills in single rope (freestyle, speed & power), Double Dutch, partner jumping and long rope on six achievement levels that progressively became more difficult as they continued.
    • You’ve shown yourself to be a very versatile student-athlete as a jumper, turner and mentor to others.
    • You have demonstrated great perseverance, endurance, determination and a commitment to excellence that is typically only seen in top athletes.  Furthermore, you have shown dedication to continuous improvement in the very intricate and challenging sport of jump rope.
    • Being a Legend also means you have made others better along the way through both mentoring and taking time to humbly serve both individuals and various programs and events where your time, experience and leadership mattered to their success.
    • Being an Apex Skip-It Legend means you are a part of an 91 member fraternity.  You’re part of an amazing and elite group of individuals that spans the course of 18 years in the making, that are bonded by common and very challenging achievements, as well as a special passion and respect for the sport of jump rope.

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